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The reason many businesses pour thousands of dollars into SEO and don’t see any improvement is because of poor citations. By updating, keeping consistentcy, and increasing citation volume you can have a strong online presence. Contact us for more information today!


Why should I build citations for my local business?

According to Google 90% of local search experts consider accurate citations to be either critical or very important to local search rankings.


Add to this their status as the number four most influential local ranking factor and it’s easy to see local citation building as a foundational tactic that you simply must deploy.


But much like content, links or social media, citations alone won’t function as your sole competitive advantage. They must be used as part of a well-rounded local SEO approach to make a difference, but, much like a site with no backlinks, if you don’t have lots of quality citations, you don’t even get to compete.


In addition to their local SEO power, citations can also help with discoverability. With sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages appearing prominently in local search results, they provide another path to visibility in the places that matter most when local customers are actively looking for your businesses like yours.


Know your SEO Score and Standing

Understsand how Google looks at you. Citations are EVERYTHING!